The vision for the St Ninian Institute is to be a diocesan and national distance‐learning college which:

  • Develops and delivers a range of formation programmes at various levels for those with an interest in the life of the Church.
  • Develops specialist programmes in the provision of post qualifying courses and conferences for clergy, teachers, chaplains, and all those requiring input in dedicated areas e.g. business and medical ethics.
  • Develops programmes on Catholic anthropology in conjunction with the John Paul II Institute in Rome.
  • Collaborates with other Catholic agencies e.g. the St Andrew’s Foundation for Catholic Teacher Education, University of Glasgow, and The Catholic Education Service, in endeavouring to ensure continuity and consistency of provision.
  • Provides opportunities for educational research in Catholic studies in order to better serve the needs of academic and Church communities.
  • Offers a range of university level courses, including Catholic Theology.
    Publishes new works, in line with Catholic teaching, in the service of the Church.
  • Evaluates the level of our work by benchmarking progress with similar academic and Church Institutes, ensuring that quality assurance procedures accurately address the needs of students and staff engaged in life‐long learning.

Catholic Teacher Awards 2017

Some of this year’s teachers, with Bishop Stephen and Mgr Ken McCaffrey, being presented with their certificates for a new course called ‘SETTING OUT ON THE ROAD’, organised by SCES and Dunkeld Diocese.

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